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Boss -- The Musical (1973, based on the book by Mike Royko)

I don't know how long it ran, but I loved it both on opening night (I turned 14 that summer) and a second time with my grandparents. I remember my father enjoying it but not being optimistic about its future, especially regarding talk of Broadway. I recall some positive reviews, and it certainly had top-flight people on-board. Frank Galati won his first Jeff Award for Boss, and note the late (and eventual free-jazz icon and leader of the NRG Ensemble) Hal Russell on percussion. These days, Bill Pullinsi is Artistic Director for the Theatre at the Center in Munster, Indiana, Nick Venden has had an active career in musical theater, and Conte has his own Lou Conte Dance Studio in Chicago. The show's star, Dick O'Neill (1928-1998), who played Daley, had a long career in TV and movies, including the role of Frosty the carnival boss (hah!) in one of Dad's (and my) favorite comedies, Steve Martin's The Jerk (1979).

I found a couple of reviews (with photos) on the 'net, both from the Hyde Park Herald. Links to the reviews are at the bottom of this page.
(Please let me know if they stop working.)

And if you know of any recordings from the show, I'd love to hear them.


Bill Pinsly, Hyde Park Herald, June 6, 1973 (click here)

Ron Offen, Hyde Park Herald, June 20, 1973 (click here)
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