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David Royko Psy.D



80/90/100 in the Santa Fe

Posted on August 11, 2015 at 10:10 AM

A bit over four years ago, knowing we were about to start driving between Chicago and Cleveland a couple of times each month, we traded in our old Hyundai for a new Hyundai. It served us well, and last night, we traded in our (now) old Hyundai for another new Hyundai.

We don’t get attached to cars. In fact, since we usually hold onto our horseless carriages until they’ve de-evolved into trembling metal melanges awaiting a merciful junk-yard afterlife, we’re glad to see them go to auto heaven, or if it had been a bad, ill-behaved vehicle, car hell.

But as we traded it in last night, as the various transferrables were moved into the new-born buggy, both of us wistfully looked it over one more time and actually felt some pangs.

It’s been our second home for four years, considering the number of hours we been in it. It has carried us back and forth between Illinois and Ohio on Interstate 80/90 100 times. It might look like a 4-year old, but it has the odometer of a retiree at 159,000 miles. We’ve spent more time with Ben inside of the Santa Fe than anywhere else.

But as we enter a new phase with Ben and our family’s life (and more about that soon), we must bid fond farewell. We hope the next owners appreciate you as much as we did -- at least until you de-evolve into a trembling metal melange awaiting your junk-yard afterlife.

The 2011 Hyundai after a nice drive through a blizzard.


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