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Bearded Benny Baking

Posted on December 8, 2015 at 10:25 AM

Michelle helps Ben bake cookies as he demonstrates a degree of delayed gratification we never could have imagined! Thanks to Ben's house for the pic. And notice, as with every picture ever taken of Ben, one hand is holding a book (and probably not a cookbook). Ben owns many books, and he is constantly swapping them out and he always seems to have a specific book in mind when he seeks a replacement. He's a man of letters. (And cookies.) It's his version of a security blanket. Ben used to carry multiple objects, sometimes trying to haul a stack of toys and books more than half his height. His first residential placement in Oconomowoc weaned him to his one-book-at-a-time regimen, which he might continue for the rest of his life. One thing I've written about before is what Ben calls "Juggling." In a favorite video, a gorilla is carrying a stack of books when he slips and falls, tossing them into the air. Another character says, "Juggling!" We can be walking through a parking lot when I'll hear something flutter down from above -- a book Ben has flung. It's why his bedroom's ceiling lamp is busted. Same thing in a store or anywhere else, really, where the gentle flutter comes only after a loud "Bang!" on the ceiling and the happy cry of "Juggling!"

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