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David Royko Psy.D

Photo Gallery

I Care Collection I Care Collection The "Dear Buyer" Letter The letter Mom and Sue sent to prospective carriers of the I Care Collection, describing the cards and their purpose. 146096277 Lone Verse Ironically, I don't have (at the moment) the front photo half of the first card, with the verse that contains the name, almost the mission, of the I Care collection: "If you can, share your thoughts with me . . . I really care." 146096248 Sometimes... That's one of our cats looking out our front window. 146096249 Friends... One of Sue's girls (Heidi) holding a pup. 146096250 With this card... I believe that's a mailbox along the road of our summer house back then on the shores of Bohners Lake, Wisconsin. 146096251 Our love... Mom loved the pelicans on Marco Island, Florida, a place Dad found out about around 1971 (pre-build-up) thanks to his old friends and longtime newspaper people Tony (1905 - 1988) and Carmen (1926 - 1992) Weitzel, who had bought a house on the island. Amazing how empty the place was back then. 146096252 A Sunbeam... Our second-floor hall window that looked out front. Those might've been props for the pic. 146096253 All of us... 146096254 A day... 146096255 One... Mom loved gulls even more than pelicans. 146096256 Love... Me (front) and my brother Robby on Marco Island -- as I said, amazingly empty (and gorgeous) beaches back in the 1970s. 146096257 I can't... 146096258 You've... Another one of Sue's girls (Kristen, I think). 146096259 Hope... 146096260 Patience Sue's daughter Heidi, fishing off our pier on Bohners Lake. 146096261 If... 146096262 Thinking... 146096263 It's... 146096264 Waiting... 146096265 One... 146096266 Tender... 146096267 Courage 146096268 I... 146096269 Love from... 146096270 In... 146096271 Paths... 146096272 Reflecting... My brother Robby when we were visiting our paternal grandfather's farm in northern Wisconsin in the 1960s. 146096273 The Back The back of a card. 146096247 American Cancer Society An endorsement. 146096274 St. Francis Medical Center, Trenton, New Jersey The gift shop's budget was tapped out, so the manager wrote a check from her personal bank account. 146096275 Wesley Medical Center, Wichita, Kansas They will find space! 146096276 Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, Illinois An endorsement from the Chaplain. 146096279 Northwestern University, Department of Psychology, Evanston, Illinois An endorsement from Camille Wortman. 146096280 Order form Yep, they were official. 146096278 Card 146098208