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I Care Collection

The "I Care Collection" was a line of greeting cards designed for people with chronic or serious/terminal illnesses, a population for whom, in the 1970s, little else existed. Launched by my mother, Carol (1934 - 1979), who took the pics for her friend Sue Crawford's (1939 - 2009) verses, it was just getting going when Carol died unexpectedly of a cerebral aneurysm. The I Care Collection ended with her death. I've pasted an (almost) complete first set below -- I know Mom and Sue were starting to work on a second set when Mom died. I've also included a few response letters. There's more at: <http://www.davidroyko.com/newentrepreneurs.htm> and <http://www.davidroyko.com/roykoinlovethebook.htm>. And thanks to my brother Robby for the set of cards and letters.
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