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A videoclip of Ben, April 3, 2010

Ben and two of his favorite things -- candy and the swing Ben on Easter weekend, 2010, first digging into his basket, and then swinging at the park, and he was talkative. While opening his basket, he sings, "With a friend named Spot," and then asks to "Go in the car please" to "Go in the park please." On the swing, those song snippets I recognize are "We will, we will rock you," the "Good bye" song from The Bear and the Big Blue House, "The Mighty Bull Dozer (Is the King)", but the "da da dah la la lah" song is a mystery. Any guesses? Wondering if Ben noticed the cawing of the birds, I asked, What do you hear, Ben? and he answers, "I hear the sea gull." Not sure where he got the "Where are you?" "Here I am!" line, but "Aladdin and the Genie" is no mystery. And the last word, and something he'd obviously just had: "Haircut!"


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