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DOGGONE - Doggone Country- Songs About Dogs, CD review (Chgo Trib, Jan 19, 1995)

Various Artists

Doggone Country


CD review by David Royko, Chicago Tribune, January 19, 1995

Chicago Tribune

Jan 19, 1995

CD review

Various Artists: Doggone Country--All-Time Favorite Country Songs About Dogs (CMH) ***

Nope, "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window" is not on this disc, but having two versions of "Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone" makes up for it. It is amazing how some singers can become even more maudlin when singing about their dogs than when singing about a lost love, but here is the evidence. The recording dates stretch from 1926 to 1989, the styles range from Osborne Brothers bluegrass to Burl Ives croon, and the breeds run from poodle to mutt. Most appealing is "Dog," the Eddie Adcock Band's paean to no-frills mongrels, while T. Texas Tyler takes top honors in the tear-jerker category with his 1948 lament, "Dad Gave My Dog Away." If you are not susceptible to over-the-top emoting, however, the tears may be of laughter. Either way, this disc is the perfect revenge gift to give to that person who used Christmas as an excuse to force that "Singing Cats" album upon you.

David Duckman [David Royko]

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