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Nickel Creek's Farewell: Video clips 2007

Nickel Creek Farewell (For Now) Ryman Auditorium Nashville, Tennessee November 29, 2007

Here are a few low-def moments from Nickel Creek's Farewell (for now) concert of Thursday, November 29, 2007 from Nashville's Ryman. I had a VERY limited amount of memory, and I kept deleting segments to make more room as the concert moved to its finish--the thing kept running out, usually in mid tune. Unfortunately, there's nothing of Gillian Welch & David Rawlings or Benmont Tench, but what I did capture was, in my opinion, wonderful, including the end of an encore with Chris's father Scott Thile reprising his role as original bassist. So, here are a few highlights, in order of performance (The Fox, of which the very end is included, ended the show, before the encores). Also included are the last few bars of the final number and a bow. Nickel Creek Farewell Video clip 1: Outside the hall, 8 seconds That’s my son Jake, 14 at the time.

Nickel Creek Farewell Video clip 2: Jealous of the Moon, 32 seconds The laughter is because, announcing the tune, Sara complained about how rarely people dance to it, a waltz. During the tune, a couple of guys in the wings began to waltz together.

Nickel Creek Farewell Video clip 3: Anthony; Texas Red, 8’51” This is the longest segment, a virtually complete performance of "Anthony," and Bela Fleck joining them for a Strength In Numbers number, "Texas Red." You can hear the opening notes of “Lighthouse’s Tale” as the memory goes blink.

Nickel Creek Farewell Video clip 4: The Fox, 2’50” This is the official end of the show (before the encores), the last couple minutes of The Fox, from the end of Mark Schatz's hambone, with Chris joining him, to their bows.

Nickel Creek Farewell Video clip 5: Whitewater, 2’27” The first two-and-a-half minutes of "Whitewater," with Bela Fleck and Tim O'Brien joining them.

Nickel Creek Farewell Video clip 6: Blue Night, 54 seconds Excerpt from "Blue Night" with guests Tim O'Brien, Bela Fleck and Chris's father Scott Thile, Nickel Creek's original bassist.

Nickel Creek Farewell Video clip 8: Why Should the Fire Die, 46 seconds The End. The last moments of "Why Should the Fire Die," unamplified.

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