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David Royko Psy.D

A few samples of what's been written about Royko In Love: Mike's Letters to Carol

"Mike Royko's softer side... Love letters from the famed Chicago columnist to his future wife reveals a man obsessed. Royko reached for his pen and went after Carol with a fever, displaying the same level of pursuit he would later employ in chasing bureaucrats and political hacks... The Royko cadence was already locked in -- simple, unadorned sentences that don't show the sweat behind them and are marked by a near-poetic lack of pretense. Even then, barely old enough to vote, he made it look effortless."

(Steve Lopez, LA Times, 10/31/10)

"Alternately happy and sappy, angry and jealous, funny and serious... They were penned, pre- and post-nuptials, over the course of around 10 months and are rife with the cutting wit and wry cynicism for which Royko would one day become renowned."

(Mike Thomas, Chicago Sun-Times, 9/19/10)