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Royko In Love - Plus

Photos and other bits & pieces
for fans of my father

Mike Royko

and fans of the book

Royko In Love


As I looked for pictures to include in the book, Royko In Love, digging through boxes I hadn't opened in years, I realized that I had far more than the book had space for. I have posted some of this additional material here.

If you haven't read book but want to know more, click here for the March, 2009 Chicago Magazine story.


Royko In Love - Plus #1
Mom, Dad, the base in Blaine, the house on Central,
some friends and family


Royko In Love - Plus #2
From the years after they got married, visiting Don Karaiskos, Dad and his sibs and mother, Mom & Dad around the time he began his column, Marion & Pete Belushi, and Mom with my brother and me at the summer house
Dad wrote about in his column,
A November Farewell


Royko In Love - Plus #3
Pin-up pics and other cheesecake -- no doubt about it,
Mom was a knockout
Early 1950s