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David Royko Psy.D

Michael Cuscuna: Sentimentalist

January 11, 1999

[email protected] (Mike) writes:

>A Stanley Turrentine session of 7/28/67 which remains unissued was the

>last session Alfred Lion supervised.

I've come to think that Cuscuna is a bit of a sentimentalist. Though Mike's right that the Turrentine session of 7/28/67 as a whole is unissued, the final take ("A Foggy Day") listed in the Blue Note discography has in fact been issued as "bonus" material on Turrentine's "Easy Walker" CD, so we do have the final Alfred Lion BN 'production moment' from his final BN session available.

Similarly, Cuscuna included the two 'unissued' (as opposed to 'rejected') tracks from the 11/2/62 Dodo Greene session as bonuses on the Connoisseur reissue of Greene's "My Hour Of Need." This, I believe, is the last recorded playing that exists of Ike Quebec.

Dave Royko