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Cheap Classical MP3 "Big Boxes" - These are the good old days, July 12, 2013

Cheap Classical MP3 "Big Boxes"

On Thursday, July 11, 2013 steve wrote:

> Anyone care to comment on which big boxes from Amazon are worth buying...

I have a car with a thumb drive socket and every other weekend I drive from Chicago to Cleveland and back and these have been a real pleasure. I have many of the recordings already on LP and CD (collecting since the early '70s) but to have so much great music in often first rate recordings...and at these prices, they are basically free. I have the Chopin set (among others, lots of Abbey Simon and Walter Klien, both of whom I like), Schubert (among others, Australian Chamber Orchestra/Mackerras, Alexander Schneider/Peter Serkin, Elly Ameling/Rudolf Jansen in a live recital, Lili Kraus, Brendel, Carl Schuricht/SDR Stuttgart, Bruce Hungerford, Ani Kavafian/Ida Kavafian/Paul Neubauer/Leslie Parnas/Fred Sherry), Mozart (among others, Zagreb/Janigro, Griller quartet w/ Primrose in my all-time favorite recordings of the quintets, Suk Chamber Orchestra, Brendel), and Haydn (Sviatislav Richter, Griller quartet again in favorite recordings, Zagreb/Antonio Janigro) and Vivaldi (lots of Janigro, Golschmann, Boskowsky, Prohashka). All of those I mentioned are recordings or artists I've always liked or loved, and even those I forgot to mention include many typically fine recordings. Most of the recordings are stereo, usually pre-digital, and good. What's obvious is that these are not state-of-the-art HIP recordings, so if you need that, sorry, these won't work. Otherwise, these sets are a real joy. And I bought the whole batch for the price of a fast food meal. We are spoiled. These are the good old days.

Dave Royko

(posted to RMCR, July 12, 2013)

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