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The Chronicles of Ben - The Ebook

The Chronicles of Ben

 Adventures in Autism

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"The power with which Royko describes

life with Ben is unsparing and unforgettable."

Eric Zorn

Chicago Tribune "Change of Subject"

October 21, 2013

Understanding autism

Mike Royko's son updates his family's experience with its 'greatest tragedy'

Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune

October 25, 2013

Mike Miner, Chicago Reader columnist writes:

'David Royko and autism'

(October 25, 2013)

David Royko is an extraordinary voice of raw sanity, compassion, humor (!!) and other-worldly love within the chaotic challenges of parenting a child with severe autism. His family is a lesson in the deepest meaning of parenting, marriage, partnership, big, big love and beyond-human sacrifice. The humanity in these words, these images, these moments that make up The Chronicles of Ben - Adventures in Autism is whatever the word is that means far, far beyond inspiration.

Pamela Cytrynbaum Psychology Today blogger and Executive Director of the Chicago Innocence Project, October 21, 2013

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The Chronicles Of Ben: 

Adventures in Autism - The E-Book

The Chronicles of Ben

The E-Book
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