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Chicago's Blizzard 1967

Some slides my mother took during the shovel-out from

Chicago's big snow of January, 1967

My three-and-a-half-year-old brother Robby, a perfect age to enjoy the blizzard's aftermath (as was my own seven years).

This is alongside our house at 5408 N. Central in Chicago. The house is long-gone, two 3-flats in its place.

Dad takes a cigarette break, walking outside the house.

Robby and Dad outside the house.

From the same spot as the previous photo, this one looking the other direction (south) down Central.

Me, allegedly helping. My mother's brother Bob is on the porch.

Me and my friend from next door, Elaine, in my backyard.

My mother Carol and her brother Bob Duckman.

A nightmare for the adults is a blast for us kids -- Elaine, me and Robby.

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