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From First to Last, Black Sabbath. Nov 7, 2007

Music Ramblings: November 7, 2007, Black Sabbath Folk

Having a 14 y/o kid who is seriously into music (and not succumbing, at least not usually, to the "Turn that shit down!" or "I'm the driver, I choose!" response) has helped expose me to some great current rock. The last 2 cuts on "Dear Diary" by From First To Last are something I'd even play if he weren't around (if I didn't hear it so often when he is). And I've been using to pick up the CDs of the early Black Sabbath albums that I loved more than 30 years ago so Jake can hear where heavy metal began, and because he likes them too. It's funny--the old Sabbath albums, in all their stripped-down, basic-production glory, sound almost like folk music to me now.

Dave Royko

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