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Masada/Sevilla 2000. August 1, 2000

Music Ramble: Masada/Sevilla 2000

August 1, 2000 writes:

>How's this? I've seen word on the Zorn list that it's even better

> than the other live albums and the best studio ones.

To be honest, I've been somewhat mystified by some of the comments I've read about this CD. Don't get me wrong--this is an excellent disc, with the group performing at a peak level, and with fine sound. But I'm used to this group performing at this level, and no, I don't hear this as being some quantum leap ahead of their other efforts. With the exception of Taipei, which has lousy sound, I think the live Tzadik discs are all pretty equivalent, performance-wise, which in no way is damning with faint praise. And this one holds to that pretty exalted level. I also do not think Masada is one of those bands where the live discs are far superior to the studio ones. I have everything they've recorded, and I'd be hard pressed to pick the live discs over the studio discs. And as good as the sound quality is of most of the Tzadik live recordings, the DIW Masada sound quality is some of the best I've ever heard, and is warmer, IMO, than any of the live recordings.

In a nutshell, Live in Sevilla 2000 is excellent.

Dave Royko

[Originally posted to the Zorn list]

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