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Nickel Creek at Schuba's (WXRT show). July 26, 2005

Nickel Creek’s 'Reasons Why - The Very Best Of' and “The Fox” Live

October 24, 2006

I received Nickel Creek’s “best of” collection over the weekend (Reasons Why: The Very Best), and was delighted by the two live tracks, both from the November 2000 Freight and Salvage show that has circulated for years, and for good reason. It's a fantastic live show in near-perfect sound, but being of soundboard origin, is not kosher for dissemination (per Nickel Creek’s wishes).

But the two tracks selected from this show push this “best of” disc out of the worth-a-shrug column into the “essential” category. “You Don't Have To Move That Mountain” is excellent (Chris's mando solo is delightful).

But this version of The Fox is something special, one of the best recorded moments of this band, and to have it officially available is great, because it has often been the track I've used to introduce people to the NC.

As for the selections from their albums, they're fine, but the instrumental side of NC has always been the draw for me, so having only Smoothie representing the instrumentals keeps it from being my own idea of the best of NC. The second disc (a DVD) is of all of their videos (seven, I think). No idea if there are any Easter eggs on the disc (I haven't watched it yet). My own personal interest in videos is nil, but for many fans, this will be exciting.

But again, this version of The Fox alone is worth the price of admission.

Dave Royko

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