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Nickel Creek's benefit for one. Apr 9, 2007

Nickel Creek's Benefit for One

Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007

Sender: BG-L Bluegrass music discussion

Subject: Nickel Creek's benefit for one (Re: Benefit at the Station Inn)

Seeing the info about the Station Inn's autism benefit (bravo!) put me in mind of something very nice that happened for our autistic son a few years ago. Our son Ben (13 y/o) is severely autistic, and he also loves music. His main place for listening has always been in the car, and one of his favorites, starting about six years ago, is a live Nickel Creek show that we've listened to countless times. However, there's no way Ben could attend a concert--he could never sit quietly for long enough, and he'd try to get up on the stage if it was music he liked (and have a major blow-up if we tried to stop him). Before they were coming through town a few years ago, I'd mentioned Ben and his love for the band's music to Chris, and when I explained the impossibility of Ben attending a concert, Chris suggested we bring him to the sound check. It was a wonderful experience, for us as well as Ben. He lit up every time they launched into a number he knew (which was pretty much everything), and was able to wander around the empty hall listening and watching the band, smiling from ear to ear. After a little while, he made his way up toward the stage, crawled up over the front lip, and lied on his stomach at the feet of the band as they played. Chris, Sean and Sara seemed to really enjoy Ben's pleasure, and were so warm and welcoming to him, I still get a bit teary when I think of it. It was a powerful experience for all of us, and I'll always be thankful for the band's kindness. The power of music, indeed, especially when good people are the musicians.

Dave Royko

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