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Punk Royko!

Friend Sergio Mims took the trouble to scan and e-mail this to me, writing, "This flyer is posted all over the University of Chicago campus. Something told me that you might be interested..." At this moment, I'm not sure what/who this is, but thank you Sergio! It cracks me up -- and what a riot, 17 years after shedding this mortal coil, Dad's still a presence -- at least to punks! It is somehow perfectly appropriate. He might've denied it, but Dad was a primo Punk, certainly in his writing, but even earlier. For example, Dad kept getting booted from high schools, including a last-stop military academy for juvenile delinquents, called Montefiore, now the Moses Montefiore Academy, a "Chicago Public Therapeutic Day School," as it is officially called these days. He got booted for decking a student officer who insisted Dad spit-polish the "officer's" shoes while he was wearing them. Finally graduated HS from Central YMCA because he liked it since most of his fellow students were GIs returning to finish their schooling, which meant smoking was allowed everywhere, including the classroom. Dad's kind of High School. Never made it to college. Like I said, a primo Punk.

Originally posted June 5, 2014 ---------- A bit more: Google turned up a Craig's List ad from yesterday, with another pic of Dad, with the heading of : "In an era of candy-ass liberalism and neoliberal ascension, "Punk Royko" is meant to be a local rejoinder to global bullshit in the spirit of Mike. Honest to the point of bluntness? Apoplectic or dyspeptic? Committed to making sense in as few words or images as possible? Then climb aboard! We accept all sorts of themes/views/topics as long as they're treated with precision and without pretension." While the ad lasts: ------------ June 6, 2014: Update In response to the e-mail I sent: Hi David, Thanks for the vote of confidence! The support of a non-Punk (i.e., real) Royko means a lot. We're currently a loose network of young journalists, cartoonists, musicians and Digital Age content millers who take inspiration from your father's output and style. We'll add you to the email list as soon as we have one. We hope to have something solid in the next few months. - Punk Royko

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