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Schubert Should Get Top Billing Dammit! (January 27, 2018)

Schubert Should Get Top Billing Dammit!

Admittedly weird little pet peeve of mine: Schubert songs transcribed by Liszt, and Liszt getting top billing. As the young(er)'uns say, WTF. Yeah, I know, though sometimes Liszt was pretty literal, other times he threw plenty of his own "personality" into them. But come on, this is Schubert's music a lot more than Liszt's, no matter what the hell Liszt does to it. And that's not to say I don't love it. Frankly, vocal music is low on my totem pole of music I love, Schubert in general is at the very top, and truth be told, many of Liszt's transcriptions are my preferred way of listening, even to Schubert masterpieces like Winterreise. But this is Schubert music, not Liszt, and Schubert's name should always come first. Okay, end of rant.This is a favorite recording of mine incidentally.

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