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Seth Graham: Gasp (Orange Milk Records) (January 19, 2018)


SETH GRAHAM: GASP (Orange Milk Records)

David Royko

January 19, 2018

If you have any interest in, or even tolerance for, music most of us mammals would call weird (and many wouldn't even call "music"), have a listen to Seth Graham's "Gasp" (Orange Milk Records). My first listening through headphones at 5:30 AM elicited a reaction of "Oy" in the first few minutes and almost brought my finger to the stop button, but there was also something about it that kept me interested, then engrossed. By the end, I decided I love it. And still love it after several hearings. Not conventionally classical, not explicitly techno -- not anything that would invite or even allow easy classification (maybe pastiche?), Gasp has whiffs of all that and plenty more. In the midst of it all, shards of quirky humor dart about [the opening cut is titled "My desire for you is to stop being a fuck wad," and no, it's not a sensitive love ballad]. So I'd say give it some time before heading for the hills, but be warned, this sure ain't background music. I'm not going to try to describe it further because I really can't and do it justice. Just say that I, for one, find it compelling, oddly addicting and ultimately, yep, musical.

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