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SideMon - Bill Monroe's Recordings as a Sideman (March 27, 2007)


Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007

Sender: Bluegrass music discussion

From: David Royko

Subject: Re: SideMon

Recordings with Bill Monroe as sideman

(in no particular order):

Jim and Jesse: Music among Friends

Ralph Stanley: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Rose Maddox: Sings Bluegrass

Tom T. Hall: The Magnificent Music Machine

Kenny Baker: Plays Bill Monroe

Butch Robins: Grounded Centered Focused

Billy and Terry Smith: Bill Monroe Tribute

Kathy Chiavola: The Harvest

Jimmy Campbell: Pieces of Time

Gary Brewer: Guitar

Glenda Faye: Flatpickin' Favorites

Byron Berline: Fiddle and a Song

Pam Tillis: Sweetheart's Dance

Ricky Skaggs: Country Boy

Ralph Stanley: Live at McClure

Larry Cordle, Glen Duncan & Lonesome Standard Time

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