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The Greatest Musical Moment In History. September 18, 1998

The Greatest Musical Moment In HistorySeptember 18, 1998

A.williams writes:

>in my humble opinion the best album of all time, in any era or musical

>genre is undisputably Blue Train by the only true musical genius of our

>century, John Coltrane.

See, your mistake is that you are being much too broad in your set of parameters here.

If you want to be relevant, you must be more specific and not be afraid to step out on a limb and narrow your assessment to something more meaningful.

What I mean is, the greatest moment in the entire history of humanity, encapsulating the universe and all it contains, appears on track 6 (mislabeled "Nocturnal" but the tune really is "Ankara") of Bobby Hutcherson's CD, "Patterns," from 1968. The moment itself begins late in the 4:07 mark, carries through 4:08, and ends early in the 4:09 mark. It is the note that James Spaulding holds for approximately two seconds. It proves that he is not only the greatest genius the universe has ever known (he even makes God look a bit dim), but is probably the only truly sentient being to have lived anywhere in the universe since the Big Bang itself.

Just my humble, indisputable opinion.

Dave Royko

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