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WATKINS - Sean Watkins - Let It Fall - CD review (Chgo Trib, Aug 5, 2001)

Sean Watkins - Let It Fall - CD review

Chicago Tribune

Sunday ARTS

August 5, 2001

CD Review

By David Royko

Sean Watkins

Let It Fall (Sugar Hill)

Sean Watkins is the guitarist for the sensational and hard-to-classify band Nickel Creek. Since he sings a fair share of NC's tunes, it would not have been surprising if this, his first solo album, would have served to indulge him as a vocal front man. Thankfully, he has chosen to create an instrumental disc that demonstrates that his composing and arranging skills are on a par with his fleet and fluid fretwork. Few six-stringers can play with his precision or drive a band with the power of his chords, yet the majority of the tracks from "Let It Fall" are in a reflective, lyrical vein, and his gift for melody makes those tunes work as effectively as the more visceral tracks like "Ferdinand The Bull" and "Neo's Tune." "Let It Fall" also makes obvious how critical Watkins' composing is to Nickel Creek's sound.

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